The MLS is expanding and progressing on all aspects

The MLS is generally considered to be the league where top and well renowned players move to in order to spend the last few years of their career but the American League has been making a number of improvements so that it can progress and be compared to the elite European Leagues.

The commissioner of the MLS, Don Garber has stated that the MLS is starting to test out instant replay technology which is expected to be added to the league matches in the near future.

Implementing new technology into the sport of football is a fairly controversial decision to make as there are fanatics that do not wish for this to happen as it can take away the essence of the game but there are others which do approve of it.

The former president of FIFA, SeppBlatter was not a fan of him that this kind of technology was never truly implemented during his time in charge of the football governing authority but now with the arrival of Gianni Infantino, things might change as the new president is indeed a supporter of new technology being used in games and the MLS wants to be at the forefront of this movement.

Besides the utilization of instant replay, another way that the MLS wants to continue progressing is by expanding with the addition of new clubs and teams. Don Garber also confirmed that he and his team are trying to expand the MLS to 24 teams by 2018; it’s currently being filled by 20 teams.

San Diego, Detroit, St.Louis and Austin are a few of the possible MLS destinations that are being viewed by the head officials of the American League as these are markets that have a lot of things which relate to professional sports and teams of this nature.