The MLS is expanding and progressing on all aspects

The MLS is generally considered to be the league where top and well renowned players move to in order to spend the last few years of their career but the American League has been making a number of improvements so that it can progress and be compared to the elite European Leagues.

The commissioner of the MLS, Don Garber has stated that the MLS is starting to test out instant replay technology which is expected to be added to the league matches in the near future.

Implementing new technology into the sport of football is a fairly controversial decision to make as there are fanatics that do not wish for this to happen as it can take away the essence of the game but there are others which do approve of it.

The former president of FIFA, SeppBlatter was not a fan of him that this kind of technology was never truly implemented during his time in charge of the football governing authority but now with the arrival of Gianni Infantino, things might change as the new president is indeed a supporter of new technology being used in games and the MLS wants to be at the forefront of this movement. (more…)

Montreal Impact slid down the table

Montreal Impact slid down the table even further after a second consecutive league defeat this weekend. The team was once again without star forward Didier Drogba.

Their over reliance on the former Chelsea striker was clear to see, as they struggled to make much of an impact in the final third without the big forward. Drogba has been a major factor in the club’s rise up the league table. Even though he has not had much minutes on the pitch, his mere presence has helped motivate the rest of the team. Drogba was expected to miss the opening few matches of the season since the club did not want to risk the player on the artificial pitches.

The club confirmed that the striker would not feature in games where he has to play on the artificial turf. Against a poor Seattle Sounders, who have been going through a poor patch of form, the club was expected to return to winning ways following their loss in the previous game. The team had lost 2-0 to Western Conference leaders FC Dallas. Impact now suffered a loss against the bottom club from the Western Conference. Seattle lost their opening three matches in succession but they have now been able to get off the mark with this win. (more…)

Rio Ferdinand believes LVG doesn’t quite have the idea how to use the forwards

Rio Ferdinand believes LVG doesn’t quite have the idea how to use the forwards to the best of their abilities.

Ferdinand is also of the opinion that the Dutchman should not have let go of Chicharito during pre-season transfer window.

According to Ferdinand, it was not the wisest of the calls as the Mexico international could have proved to be immensely beneficial to the club.

Chicharito has gone to Bundesliga and he is currently one of the top 5 goal scorers over there playing for Bayer Leverkusen.

Talking about LVG on a TV show, Ferdinand said, “As a manager, you must know how to handle the forwards.”

“The way Van Gaal works, I think it’s not well suited to the forwards. He has a reserved mentality.”

“You see none of the forwards has been able to flourish under him, whether it’s Robin, Chicharito, Janujaz or whoever.”

“Chicharito is absolute class. You can rely on him to produce goals. But, players like him need a bit of freedom. You have to let them play in the manner they want to.”

“Van Gaal obviously couldn’t adjust to his style. But, you See, Leverkusen has given him that freedom and he’s netting for them almost every game.” (more…)


San Jose Earthquakes manager Dominic Kinnear says that he is likely to utilise a similar squad in order to retain the identity of the team for the upcoming season friendlies. The MLS takes a small break in order to welcome teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid to North America. The International Champions Cup will provide a lot of exposure for MLS clubs to such high profile teams. Over the years, this tournament has gained a lot of respect and it has primarily been because of MLS clubs utilising their full strength teams. Kinnear admits that this will be difficult at the current point due to the several injuries faced by his team.

Further, San Jose Earthquakes have also lost a number of players to international duty over the last few weeks. Kinnear does not expect the situation to improve ahead of the friendlies with the likes of Club America and United. The club will have to focus on these friendly matches that will happen in between the MLS game against LA Galaxy. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest games during the season and one that could potentially decide their entry into the play-offs. Right now, the club are just outside the top six.

“You always want to try to have guys in the position where they’re the most comfortable. To have somebody play out of position in these types of games would be a bit of a mistake. You want guys to get minutes, you want them to get chances for confidence, but also you want to keep them hungry. It won’t be like, the guys who have been playing [as one whole unit] and then the guys who. I think we’ll try and mix and match, because somewhere down the line, we’re going to need those guys to play with each other,” said the manager.