LAFC introduces new colors and Will Ferrell is a co-owner of the club

Los Angeles FC is a MLS expansion club that is scheduled to compete in the American League starting by the season of 2018-19. Not too long ago it was confirmed that the actor Will Ferrell was part of a 26 man group ownership which icons of different sports including Basketball’s legend Magic Johnson.

In the opening few weeks of 2016, there was a gala ceremony where the MLS club was unveiling new colors as it’s logo displayed black and gold colors.

Henry Nguyen is a managing partner of Los Angeles Football Club and during this ceremony; he talked about what the logo represents as the businessman said: “The wing is such a special symbol of what this city is, in terms of meaning, flight, and dynamism. This is the City of Angels. And it’s every type of wing. It’s an Aztec eagle wing. It’s a dragon wing. It’s an angel wing. It’s whatever wing you want it to be.”

It was during this presentation as well that Will Ferrell confirmed his involvement in the club as part co-owner as he answered a question from Mia Hamm where she asked: You want in? and Will Ferrell said that he does want in and finally, Hamm went on saying: You’re in.

Will Ferrell confirmed his inclusion in the MLS club after saying: “This is not a joke. I’m actually a member of this fine ownership group.I’ve never been a part-owner of anything, before correcting himself. “I’m still part-owner of an ‘84 Toyota Camry with my brother.”

LAFC are attracting a significant amount of attention and their squad still hasn’t even kicked a ball or began to compete in the MLS but this is a good sign for the American League as it’s growth has been increasing at a fast pace and with the introduction of more clubs will only bring further good things for the MLS.